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1964 Volkswagen Type 2
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1964 Volkswagen Split Window Type 2 KOMBI Bus - 11 Window, 1600cc

Stock Number: DH001

This is a 1964 Volkswagen Kombi Split Window Bus. 11 Window Version.

Originally sold in Minnesota. The 2nd owner purchase the Bus in 1976 and drove back home to Nebraska. He used it for small antenna installation business. He said "It was a great running Bus for him." The '70 1600cc engine was already in the Bus when he purchased it. A few years later it was sold to the last documented owner and was used on their Farm until they parked it on there property and left it there when they moved away.

Fast forward 32 years - I have known about the Bus for a long time and decided to take on the challenge of trying to rescue it. The bus was nestled in a grove of trees near the back of the homestead. The current property owner sold the Bus to me on a bill of sale and through much effort, I was able to track down the last owner and get a clean - clear Nebraska Title.

Condition: The bus is very nice, considering its resting spot. The paint and patina are stunning. Since purchasing the bus, I have cleaned up the exterior, cleaned the interior and got it rolling on newer tires. I purchased a new battery for it, along with some tune-up parts for the engine. I tested the engine, but sadly cylinder one seems to have low compression. So it will not run, but it does turn over nicely.

The headlights and dash speedometer light works. I also found the original keys while cleaning the bus. All the windows on the bus are intact and in good condition. It still has both front and rear bumpers, Front seat frames. There is rust in the typical areas like the cargo floor and sides of the rockers, but nothing that isn't fixable.

Overall its a very nice bus compared to others of the same year and type I have seen. It needs work but provides a great starting point for a 1964 VW Kombi bus that's been sitting for 32 years. If you are looking for a VW bus with awesome patina and potential, this is the one!

For this listing, please contact Dillon at: 402.641.8516

Specifications I have found

Current Engine: B6 1970 1600cc Dual relief, single port, 47bhp DIN, 57HP SAE M157 USA/Canada.
It is a Manual Transmission

Data Plate (See image in Photos)
10 2
425 013 025 114
UD 2313 424280 1245514

Bus manufactured February 10th, 1964

425 = North American export package including
- Twin reversing lights (may not always be true, depending on year)
- MPH Speedometer
- Sealed beam headlights
- Hazard warning lights
- Mountings for safety belts
- Laminated windscreen
- Ram protection (over rider bumpers)
- Dual-circuit brake system

013 = Middle and rear seats plus panels in the cargo area May not include panels in all cases.

025 = US-spec bumpers and 6 pop-out windows, Safety belts

114 = 6 popout side windows

UD = Export code USA, Baltimore, Philadelphia

231 = Cargo doors right, left-hand drive 3 = Synthetic resin finish

424580 =
- L 380 (42) turquoise lower color
- L 380 (42) turquoise upper color
- Gray interior

Type 2/255A is the heater system type

S45 is the certificate number.

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Engine Type
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1600 cc


Body Color
Body Style


Type 2


Interior Color
Secondary Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
Shifter Type
Center Console
Engine Size
1600 cc
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