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Ultimate Street Warriros!"Ten Cars Run The Gaunlet At The Toughest Street Car Challenge Anywhere-The Optima Ulimate Street Car Invitational."

By Christopher Campbell

Photography by Robert McGaffin and Christopher Campbell


..."Originally, Contos approached Hall for a "light" mechanical and aesthetic freshen up and repair of a few questionable mods. But after visiting the RMC facilities in Lincoln, NE and seeing the incredible TAs hanging around, including the awesome Burth Reynolds Edition, Contos began to get ideas. He had visions of finally building the ultimate TA that he had always dreamed about. A "light" freshening quickly progressed into a full frame-off rotisserie restoration with all the right parts to create a true Pro Touring car including suspension upgrades from Pro Touring F-Body and Detroit Speed and Engineering and a Butler-built 642hp 535ci Pontiac powerplant." ...


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