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October 17th @ The Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, CA. Hosted by Mopar Collectors Guide. The 1972 Charger that we built for the original owner, Wayne H. of Waco, NE, was selected to be a part of this 25 car select show. The recent March 2010 issue of Mopar Collectors Guide, has all the details about the event at the mansion in October. The official website for the Mopars at the Mansion has recently changed to Muslce Cars at the Mansion ( ). The images that we have displaying above this article are the select photos we took during the event to share with everyone.

The official photos fromBergstrom Photography can be viewed HERE! You are able to select photos and purchase them from their website if you choose to. Also one of the photographers from Mopar Collectors Guide has posted all their Party Pictures Here!


Check back to our website for this 1972 Charger to be one of the upcoming feature cars this Spring Mopar Collectors Guide!

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