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Banshee is a collaboration of Hermance Design and Restore a Muscle Car, the same Trans Am aficionados that organize the annual Bandit Run.


Based on the new Camaro, this Firebird conversion package is intended to fill the void left by the demise of Pontiac. It’s the marriage of truly innovative design and the experience of dedicated Pontiac experts that distinguishes this package from the rest of the crowd.

We’re creating a high performance car that unmistakably pays homage to the Firebird’s heritage while focusing on what a real evolution in styling could have been. We have a unique opportunity to shed many of the corporate restraints that plagued muscle cars for decades in order to produce something enthusiasts actually want. This is the car based on years of hearing “What if…” from enthusiasts and designers alike. We listened. Aside from the obvious styling considerations, we’re currently working with a number of vendors to determine the final list of performance, convenience and comfort options that will optimize the platform at a competitive price. The upgrades will be significant and well planned. Don’t believe for a second it’s going to be yet another rebadged 2010 Camaro with big spoilers and split grill.

See pictures of this car at SEMA 2010!

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