RAMC & The Bandit Run are in the March issue of Playboy!

Restore a Muscle Car & The Bandit Run made the March issue of Playboy! Checkout the great article when you get time!

"For some true believers and diehards, the movie is—and has always been—about hot wheels. There’s Georgia-based Tyler Hambrick, for instance, whose 1979 Kenworth 900W truck and 40-foot trailer are painted to replicate the semi Reed drives in the film. Hambrick’s rig has helped raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project, which helps veterans. Hambrick, who leads Smokey location tours, has also participated in every weeklong Bandit Run, an annual event in which Smokey buffs—many in restored Trans Ams and from as far away as Europe and Canada—cruise a predetermined route through the South, with pit stops at museums, automobile factories and local car shows. Says Bandit Run organizer and sponsor Dave Hall, a former computer-software designer whose Lincoln, Nebraska garage Restore a Muscle Car is a haven for owners willing to spend as much as $100,000 to restore their Smokey Trans Ams: “Mention a Trans Am and people know it as the Smokey car, so the demand for these cars is always there. Pull into a gas station in one of those cars and everyone wants to talk to you. You become someone you’re probably not when you’re driving your minivan.”"

See the rest of the article at: http://goo.gl/otpK2