08-11 Challenger LED Tail Light Give Away Contest!

Our New Challenger LEDs are NOW available!

Here is YOUR chance to WIN a set!

$855 Value!

DETAILS: Restore a Muscle Car is giving away ONE set of 08-2011 Challenger Sequential LEDs! You have until October 5th to join our Restore a Muscle Car Facebook Page and post a picture and/or video to our fan page of you with your Challenger and tell us in text or video why we should choose YOU to win a set of LEDs!

The Challenger LEDs are now for sale.  Don't wait for the contest winner to be announced to get yours.  If you buy a set now, and you are the winner, we WILL reimburse you for your purchase price!

HOW to WIN: On October 5th, we will be choosing our top picks based on creativity from the pictures and videos and from there we will be doing a random drawing to pick the final winner!

INFORMATION WE NEED: Along with the picture and preferably a video, please include your name, where you’re from, what year your Challenger is (only 2008-2011 Challengers are eligible) and a description of why you should win. Let’s make this fun! Be CREATIVE!

Watch our Facebook page and our website (RESTOREaMUSCLECAR.com) on October 5th to see the top 5 picks and within a day or two, we will be posting the winner! Get your friends to join our fan page to help root you on!

Check our website for all other details! And see our EBAY ad for information and more pictures of the Challenger LEDs.

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The only requirement to this contest is that since we are giving you a set of LEDs INSTALLED in the lens, we would like your old lens sent to us in return. You are getting an $855 value! ($680 for the LED boards, $175 for installation in a new set of Lenses and we normally charge $550 for a set of new lenses unless the owner’s old set of lenses is returned to us in like-new condition). If you prefer not to exchange your lenses with us, we will need to charge $550 for our set of lenses. Contestants need to email us at sales@restoreamusclecar.com with their name, shipping address and phone number.