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Driving What May Become The Most Collectible Late-Second-Gen T/A

November, 2007
By Thomas A. Demauro
Photography by Thomas A. Demauro

Which BRE T/A Is This?

Prototype 2, which HPP drove and photographed for this story, is not the same car that was recently featured in Hot Rod. Keith explains, "This car is the second BRE T/A prototype, and is really the first complete car. Prototype 1 was primarily a visual one used to finalize the appearance package. Conversely, Prototype 2 is representative of a BAN III-level BRE T/A."

On The RoadHPP Magazine

Having owned a '77 T/A since about 1990, I was excited to drive the BRE Bird to compare and contrast it with memories of driving mine. Sure, the years go by, but the visceral impressions of driving a Second-Gen T/A last a lifetime. Just getting into the BRE car released a flood of memories since it's like my T/A in basic form, yet it has been taken to an advanced level of performance and luxury.

Body Redesign

If you're a fan of the SE cars, then the body enhancements to the BRE T/A are readily apparent. Chief Designer Phil Brewer said of the stock SE, "It's a great design and still looks good today. We just wanted to update the areas of the car that made it look dated. The wheel and tire sizes are obvious, but I also felt the glass moldings, the four square headlights, and the amount of pinstriping dated the car too much."

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